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Debunking the essence of blockchain technology and discussing practical examples of its use cases across different service sectors.

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Context and Challenge

Supportiv is an online peer-to-peer mental health support service founded in 2018. It matches people with similar mental health struggles in online chatrooms. The chatrooms are moderated by trained human moderators to keep them troll free. The matching is done by a smart system that uses natural language processing. The…

By Gabriele Leonardi, Poli.Design lab


The city of Milan was facing a problem with public housing. First, there were a lot of underutilized spaces in and around the social housing complexes (e.g. basements, abandoned parks, etc.). Second, even though most of these housing complexes were located in rather central and functional areas of the city…


90% of the world’s goods transportation is seaborne and the share is projected to grow until 2030. This fact has lead to a rise in terms of container throughput. On the other hand, the shipping industry has always been focusing on ports and it has always been strictly reactive to…



In November 2019, during a design fiction workshop conducted at Politecnico Di Milano, our cohort of graduate service design students got challenged to save the future of our humanity from a catastrophe.

Nare K.

UX & service designer passionate about emerging technologies and co-design

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