Twill Will: Making Digital Logistics Accessible to Small Businesses


  • Find and engage with its niche market of small businesses.
  • Understand and address prospect’s needs in terms of digital logistics.



  • Understand the overall logistics process and key concepts.
  • Understand the main trends in the logistics industry.
  • Understand the competitive landscape and each competitor’s positioning.
  • Understand Maersk’s and Twill’s long-term goals and short-term objectives with Twill.
  • Understand SME owners’ decision making process in regards to logistics.
  • Understand SME’s main pain-points and needs with international logistics management.

Field Research Insights

  • SMEs lack logistic knowledge: from processes to terms and regulations.
  • SMEs need to receive constant support from experts in order to manage their logistic activities.
  • SMEs need to interact with an easy booking system that will allow them to handle their shippings in a simple and intuitive way.
  • SMEs want to get a clear understanding about freight rates and be able to choose among tailored options.
  • SMEs need to have their shippings guaranteed avoiding vessels’ overbooking problems.
  • SMEs want to track their cargos and be sure their products will remain intact throughout the entire journey.
  • SMEs need to have all their shipping documents properly managed and stored.
Research Insights

Desk Research Insights

  • Currently, forwarders are solving users’ needs by providing more ancillary services, unlike Maersk and Twill. Since small enterprises lack knowledge and prefer to focus on their core business instead of keeping dedicated logistics personnel, they are still willing to pay premiums to get these services.
  • The trend of digitization in all industries is accompanied with an increase in customer education initiatives that mostly go under marketing investment and have rather high ROIs.
  • Despite the fact that technologies can support performance management in terms of cost savings and improving the performance of the vessel, the shipping industry is still far from being a fully digitized sector. Considering this, global retailers are implementing shipping into its supply chain so that they can manage and own multiple logistics service. However, this is not executable for SMEs with limited resources.
Research Insights


Key Features

  • Free educational content available on the web platform to empower customers and nourish leads.
  • Digital platform walkthrough for seamless onboarding.
  • Individual logistics coaching and self-paced training programs from Maersk’s certified experts.
  • Exclusive informative content after the first transfer with Twill​.

Service Offering

Service offerings

How It Works

  1. The SME owner sees an announcement on social media, or gets contacted by Twill’s customer engagement employees with informative content and an invitation to have a first free kick-off meeting with Twill Will’s logistic coaches.
  2. The SME owner watches the interactive video walkthrough presenting Twill services and guiding through the main website functionalities and then decides to sign up.
  3. The SME owner can now learn about shipment processes and logistics. Twill Will section provides videos, webinars and articles from industry specialists and logistics experts, tailored to the customer’s need for updated and reliable information.
  4. The SME owner gets informed that he/she can also organize one-to-one counseling sessions with Twill logistics experts who will support them to build a complete shipment plan. The first meeting is for free,
  5. After the free meeting the SME owner can decide to become a premium client or pay for single sessions.


  • Understanding and meeting current clients’ logistics needs, thus, increasing retention rates and customer lifetime value (CLV).
  • Attracting and engaging with new clients in the niche market and communicating to them Twill’s value and ease-of-use.

System Mapping

System Map


Service Roadmap

UX Design Process

Storyboarding and User Flows

  1. New users (people who have never used Twill)
  2. Twill’s existing clients

Prototyping and Testing

Interactive Prototype

Video Mockups

Video Mockup

Challenges and Learnings

​​“The time spent on industry research is never wasted”

“Conflicts and blocks happen, don’t panic — visualize!”



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